Friday, July 10, 2009

Change The World

It's hard to find an explanation about a tiny thing you have done, or, let's say, something that you failed on. In the other situation, it's hard to explain a thing to people that you understand no more than.

A thousand times you tried to build up your confidence followed a thousand times you failed.

"Shame on you," you said to yourself, turning your head around.

No matter how hard you try to look like you don't try, the pain of failure continues to grow.

Sometimes you act weird in others' eyes. Sometimes you just can't find the right reason or the right person to back you up. Sometimes you feel self-destructed, totally depressed. But, well, let's be brave. Let's go change ourselves. Let's know each other more. Let's be strong. Let's be better.

Let's change the world.

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